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# Product Name Product Description Release Date Price Demo & Features Download
1UMP 1.7.1Cakephp 2.x User Mgmt Plugin (Basic) 1.7.1 Version with Twitter Bootstrap 3.x
Please note: You will get all upgraded versions free for UMP version 1.x series.
08-Oct-2015$60.00Go to DemoDocumentationBuy Now
2UMP 2.3.5Cakephp 2.x User Mgmt Plugin (Premium) 2.3.5 Version with Twitter Bootstrap 2.x and 3.x
Please note: You will get all upgraded versions free for UMP version 2.x series.
27-Nov-2016$120.00Go to DemoDocumentationBuy Now
3UMP 3.3.2Cakephp 3.x User Mgmt Plugin (Premium) 3.3.2 Version with Twitter Bootstrap 3.x & 4.x
work with cakephp 3.6.0 to 3.6.14
Please note: You will get all upgraded versions free for UMP version 3.x series.
17-Dec-2018$140.00Go to DemoDocumentationBuy Now
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* Lifetime official support free with paid version.
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Plugin Comparison

# Features UMP 1.7.1 UMP 2.3.5 UMP 3.3.2
1 PHP Framework CakePHP 2.x CakePHP 2.x CakePHP 3.x
Login / Registration
2 User Registration
3 Login With Username/Email & Password
4 Cookie login with Remember me
5 Login/Registration with Facebook
6 Login/Registration with Twitter
7 Login/Registration with Google
8 Login/Registration with Yahoo
9 Login/Registration with Linkedin
10 Login/Registration with Foursquare
11 Using CakePHP Built-in Auth Component
12 Forgot Password
13 Email Verification
User's Features
14 My Profile
15 Edit Profile
16 Change Password
17 Delete Account (Enable/Disable in settings)
Admin Features for Users
18 Add single user
19 Add multiple users using CSV
20 List all users with pagination and sorting
21 Ajax Search filter to search an user
22 Ajax pagination and sorting
23 Activate/Inactivate any user
24 Verify user's email
25 Change user's password
26 View user's profile
27 Edit user's profile
28 Delete user's profile
29 View user's permissions
User Groups
30 List all groups with pagination and sorting
31 Ajax Search filter to search a group
32 Ajax pagination and sorting
33 Add User Group
34 Edit User Group
35 Delete User Group
36 Set allow/disallow registration for a group
37 One user may belongs to more than one group
38 A group can have sub groups
User Group Permissions
39 Manage controller's actions access permissions for group users
40 Manage controller's actions access permissions for sub group users
41 Print permission changes
Admin Email System
42 Send email to any user
43 Send Email to one or more selected users
44 Send Email to one or more group users
45 Send Email to manual emails
46 Email confirmation page to cross check the email content and recipients
47 On confirmation page, feature to unselect an unwanted recipient
48 View all sent emails with Pagination, Sorting and Search Filter using ajax
49 View full details and email recipients details of a any sent email
50 Schedule Emails to future date
51 Edit Scheduled Emails
52 Delete Scheduled Emails
53 Delete one or more recipients of Scheduled Emails
Admin Email Templates
54 Add email templates
55 Edit email templates
56 Delete email templates
57 List all email templates with Pagination, Sorting and Search Filter using ajax
58 Select an existing email template while sending email
59 Allowed to view/edit/use own email template only
Admin Email Signatures
60 Add email signatures
61 Edit email signatures
62 Delete email signatures
63 List all email signatures with Pagination, Sorting and Search Filter using ajax
64 Select an existing email signature while sending email
65 Allowed to view/edit/use own email signature only
Website Protection
66 CSRF/XSS protection using Security component
67 Passwords are encrypted
68 Login attacks protected by recaptcha
69 Recaptcha on Forgot Password page
70 Recaptcha on Email Verification page
71 Recaptcha on Contact us page
72 Storing IP address of user
73 Clean code with formatting
74 All Configurations/Settings are database driven
75 Add new Configuration/Setting from Admin
76 Change Configuration/Setting input type
77 Takes the image from facebook, linkedin, twitter and updates as profile image
78 Stores login time as last login time for user
79 Display last login time on user's dashboard
80 List of all online users within a specific time
81 Admin can logout any online user
82 Admin can logout & inactivate any online user
83 SSL support for selected pages or whole site
84 Image resize helper: using this you can resize image or can crop with desired size
85 Ajax form validations
86 Ajax Pagination
87 Ajax Sorting on all List pages
88 Ajax Search/Filter Options on List Pages with Clear button for clearing all filter conditions
89 Ajax Suggestion/Autocomplete on Search/Filter text boxes
90 Browser CSS/JS Cache control
91 Delete cakephp cache in one click
Contact Enquiries
92 List contact enquiries with Pagination and Sorting
93 Ajax Search filter to search an enquiry
94 Ajax pagination and sorting
95 Contact us enquiry form
96 Send reply to any contact enquiry
Static Pages
97 List static pages with Pagination and Sorting
98 Ajax Search filter to search a page
99 Ajax pagination and sorting
100 Add Static Page
101 Edit Static Page
102 Delete Static Page
103 View the content of static page
104 Access the static page by url
Cakephp Logs
105 List all the cakelog files
106 View/Edit a particular cakelog
107 Create backup of a cakelog
108 Delete a cakelog
109 Empty the cakelog file
Admin Configurations/Settings
110 Website default timezone
111 Set website name (Full)
112 Set website name (Short)
113 After login redirect URL
114 After logout redirect URL
115 Login cookie name
116 Use HPPS/SSL for whole site and for selected pages
117 Set Admin, User, Guest groups ids
118 Disable website public registration
119 Disable email verification of user
120 Disable delete user account
121 Disable change username by user
122 Set disallowed usernames
123 Check website pages permissions to admin and users
124 Disable multiple logins of admin and users
125 Use remember me on login page
126 Email from name and address, Admin Email Address
127 Send registration and changes password email
128 Recaptcha Keys
129 Enable Recaptcha on login, bad login, registration, forgot password, email verification pages
130 Enable Facebook login, Facebook app id and secret code
131 Enable Twitter login, Twitter app id and secret code
132 Enable Google login, Google api key, client id and secret code
133 Enable Yahoo login
134 Enable Linkedin login, Linkedin app id and secret code
135 Enable Foursquare login, Foursquare client id and secret code
136 Default HTML Editor
137 Sticky Notification